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Jacques Costeau

The Perfect Diving Destination “Second only to the Red Sea” — Jacques Cousteau

The village of Egmont sits at the crossroads of four waterways: Jervis Inlet, Agamemnon Channel, Hotham Sound and Sechelt Inlet. This makes it the gateway to an unbelievable diving experience.

The incredible tidal movements pour over two billion litres of water though the Skookumchuck Rapids each day, making our dive sites both extraordinary and challenging. With outstanding visibility and extremely diverse marine life, Egmont is a scuba diver’s paradise.

The Sunshine Coast provides exciting dive opportunities. There is far less rain here than Vancouver and Seattle, which means less sediment runoff to cloud the waters.

Non-divers are more than welcome to join the fun here at the Lodge — we offer many non-diving activities such as guided kayak tours, hikes to Skookumchuck Narrows and comfy fire-side seats to read in.

Dive excursions based on boat availability and number of participants.

Please contact West Coast Wilderness Lodge for more information.

A Few Dive Sites

The HMCS CHAUDIERE, sunk in 1994 off Kunechin Point at the mouth of Salmon Inlet for diving purposes, sits on its side in deep water 20-40m (60-130ft).

Descent lines lead to the 188m (620ft) hull of the ship. This World War II sub tracker is a perfect dive for both recreational and technical divers alike.

SKOOKUMCHUCK NARROWS – North America’s fastest salt water rapids, is located at the entrance to Sechelt Inlet and was rated by well-known diving author Betty Pratt-Johnson as the best dive in B.C. and can be called the “highlight of one’s diving career.”

TUWANEK MARINE PARK – “The Aquarium,” feels as though you are diving or snorkelling in tropical waters — except for the water temperature!

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